Rubber Anchor

    Rubber Anchor is the very best pad for area rugs. Made with open cell natural rubber, Rubber Anchor’s grip and comfort over hard floors is unsurpassed by any other rug pad. Rubber Anchor products are made with eco-friendly natural rubber.


    For those who appreciate the benefits of natural rubber and prefer an open weave design, RubberNet is the best line of open-weave natural latex area rug pads available in the market. RubberNet protects your customers’ investment against wear and prevents accidents by keeping rugs from slipping with natural rubber’s superior grip strength.


    An area rug pad that performs as well on wall-to-wall carpet as it does on hard surfaces. With twice the number of uses, UltiMat is literally the ultimate in pad products. It enables you to reduce your inventory, plus it is competitively priced. OptiMat performs similarly and is optimally priced below the competition. SlimMat is extra thin where a low profile or economical pad is needed.


    LockSet provides a complete range of synthetic rubber non-slip area rug pad options for price sensitive customers. There is a Lockset product that is a precise match for every rug type, traffic condition and price point.